Intelligence Meets Imagination!

Posted: May 18, 2012 in All Parts
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Stay tuned for the newest products were working on!

All products shown are available to buy, or, if you have imagined a part and can put your idea to paper (or not!lol )we still have the ability to create your vision, just give us a call. Ron 519 872-0085. We specialize in custom motorcycle parts but can make custom parts parts for anything including:

What I'm working on right know!

Project Bike

Will be mounted on this bike! I can make you anything you need!

Machining Parts

Machining parts. CNC in action!

specialty hot rod or vintage car parts,bicycles, any brand of motorcycle… American, Japanese, British, Italian…..cruisers, sport, touring……., the list is too long to name!

Any project, any idea, even if you don’t think it can’t be done, call anyways. You’ll never know until you ask!


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