Posted: October 26, 2011 in Projects

The Embossit is a prototype of a braille stamping machine that was developed in collaboration between myself and a friend to whom is visually impaired himself. This machine, will emboss braille onto any business card, greeting cards, sheets of paper easily using the braille alphabet. It is for  use by the visually seeing and the visually impaired. This machine is sold to companies who would like their business cards to include braille for their visually impaired clients. Each cell has the letter or number engraved on the bottom of each braille cell punch, making it seeing friendly. This press is also able to do hotel room numbers, elevators and any signage that is required to have braille attached to it. Please refer to the contact information if you require more details regarding the Embossit or any thing else we offer as well as any project you have. We are constantly upgrade newer models of this press, including our new more sleek model (pictures to follow) or go to the Braille Masters link for more details on the Embossit below.     Cheers Ron


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